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Chronic Care Management

What is Chronic Care Management?

CCM (Chronic Care Management) is designed to help optimized patient care outside of the office. One in four adults live with multiple chronic conditions and most of these require daily management. These conditions can be better managed when there is a partnership between the patient and their healthcare team. CCM allows for the patient to be more involved and connected to the healthcare team. This ensures that better ongoing assessments can be made with quicker intervention in order to reduce preventable unfavorable outcomes.

How will I benefit from CCM?

24/7 access to a healthcare provider. Preventive care services will be scheduled and your medications will be closely monitored. Personalized, comprehensive plan of care for all of your health issues.Your care will be coordinated by your provider and staff.This includes care you may receive at other locations, such as specialists’ offices, the hospital, other health care facilities, or your home.

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